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Veil Care Tips

Veil Care Before Your Wedding Day 

First, try on your new wedding veil with your wedding dress to ensure it is how you envisioned it. We know you will love it, but if you don’t, please don’t hesitate to reach out, and we can help you find a new veil!

Veil care is crucial for longevity and pristineness. If you have a shorter veil, hang it on a velvet hanger, if possible, or with metal clothespins. You want to fold the comb side over the hanger and allow it to hang loosely. 

If you have a fingertip veil or longer, you want to fold it lengthwise 2-3 times. Smooth out any wrinkles that may occur and hang on a velvet hanger if possible. 

Once hung, store it in a protective bag to prevent any stains, wrinkles, or entanglements with other fabrics, buttons, etc. 

As your wedding day approaches, remove the veil from your storage bag to release any wrinkles and steam if needed. 

You want your veil to hang loosely on your wedding day to avoid wrinkles or creases! 


Preserving Your Veil After Your Wedding Day 

We hope that your wedding day was everything and more. Congratulations!

Once ready to store your veil, put it in an acid-free box or sleeve to preserve original wear. You want to contain it in a pH-neutral environment to prevent it from yellowing over time. Plus, you have a higher chance of being able to pass your veil on to a family member or loved one in the future!

We hope this information has helped you. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us